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Publication Date: 12/1/2009
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Megger helps students with their tests
The Dalles, OR — Students at Columbia Gorge Community College in The Dalles, Oregon, will now be able to gain hands-on experience of testing wind turbine systems, thanks to test equipment supplied to the college by Megger.

In line with the company's strong commitment to promoting the education of engineers and to advancing the adoption of renewable energy sources, the company has provided the college with DCM340 clampmeters for measuring currents in cables without disconnecting them, MIT400 Series insulation resistance and continuity testers, a DLRO10HD Dual power 10 A low resistance ohmmeter, a wind turbine lightningprotection test lead set, a DET4TCR2 four-terminal earth/ground resistance tester and soil resistivity tester with an accessory kit.

Megger has also supplied a quantity of "Stitch In Time" manuals — a complete guide to electrical insulation testing, "Getting Down To Earth" booklets — a practical guide to earth resistance testing and "A Guide to Diagnostic Testing Above 1 kV," — a handbook containing guidelines for insulation testing greater than 1kV. The donations are made in partnership with Transcat (Wind Energy Division), one of Megger's largest distributors located in Rochester, NY.

The instruments will be presented at the ribbon cutting of the new renewable energy lab on the Columbia Gorge campus. They will be used to train students enrolled in a new Renewable Energy Training (RET) program at the school.

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