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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Stopping ESD in Today's SMT Manufacturing

A blank printed wiring board (PWB) by itself is not considered to be an ESD risk and it isn't. However, the board can become charged, and when an ESD-sensitive component touches it, a discharge is imminent. Often, PWBs arrive at the factory wrapped in a regular plastic wrap. When the boards ...
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Getting Help with Bare Die

Specifying and obtaining the correct bare die to build hybrid microcircuits and multi-chip modules presents some specific problems. Dominant design factors here are hermeticity, size, and weight. However, the special needs related to the supply of bare die continues to mystify much of the ...
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Passive Components for Critical-Use Applications

It is often taken for granted that Military Specification "Mil-Spec" passive components are the best choice for critical-use applications due to the special testing that each piece is subjected to. But are all Mil-spec components the same? Do all military specifications ensure highest reliability ...
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Distributor Turns Contract Mfgr. & Does It All

In the late 80s and early 90s many Tier 1 aerospace, aviation, and defense systems providers redefined their own roles in the industry and subsequently that of their supply chain. These Tier 1 suppliers began to identify themselves as System integrators and as such focused their efforts ...
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Discretes Aren't Always Passive

As a specialist distributor, our mission is to field technically informed salespeople who provide assurance of supply and product of high quality from leading component manufacturers. While there are some similarities between our model and other component distributors, we tend to maintain ...
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