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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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Aerotech: Camera Pan/Tilt System

Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech Pan and Tilt (APT) systems are designed to meet the most demanding positioning requirements. The APT series expands the company's product line to meet the needs of the security, defense, and surveillance markets worldwide.
The new high-precision pan and tilt mounts combine proven high-precision mechanics with cutting-edge...
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All Flex Expands Flex Heater & Circuits

Northfield, MN — All Flex is upgrading several processes as part of its expansion of wet process and imaging. This expansion is being driven by the company's growing heater business ever since introducing heaters to the product line in 2008. The purchase of additional wet process capital equipment will help ...Read More
Beckhoff Releases Flexible EtherCAT Box

Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new EP2338 EtherCAT® Box — a rugged, enhanced IP 67 I/O system with a dynamic 8-channel digital variant.Read More
CSZ: Environmental Rooms for Stability Testing

Cincinnati, OH — CSZ's Stability Walk-in Rooms simulate mild temperature and/or humidity conditions for stability testing, shelf life testing, package testing, consumer product testing, research and wherever mild temperature/humidity exposure is needed to test or store products. Stability rooms provide ...Read More
Dage: X-Ray Inspection Systems

Fremont, CA — Dage Precision Industries, now called Nordson Dage, has unveiled its new XD7600NT100 — calling it the most technologically advanced X-ray inspection system on the market today. The system provides 100 nanometer (0.1 micron) feature recognition for finite analysis of the most challenging ...Read More
EFD Intros Hi-Precision Dispensing System

Providence, RI — EFD's New Ultimus V High-precision Dispenser and Optimeter utilize innovative electronic pressure regulation technology to keep critical fluid dispensing processes consistent throughout the assembly process. Read More
Emerson Unveils Hi Watt 12V Supply

Carlsbad, CA — Emerson Network Power has enhanced its highest-wattage 12V front-end distributed power supply, the DS2900. Expanding the company's DS line of distributed power solutions, the new supply is suitable for use in high availability telecommunications applications and a variety of enterprise ...Read More
Express Mfg. & Beyonics in Co-Development Pact

Santa Ana, CA — Express Manufacturing Inc. (EMI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Beyonics Technology Limited of Singapore.Read More
Eraser: Automatic Wire Twisters

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's WT Series Automatic Wire Twisters are designed for twisting together two or more wires of any length. The wires may be pre-cut and stripped. Model WT20 can twist wire up to 1/4-in. OD (6.35mm diam.), not to exceed two 16AWG (1.30mm diam.). Model WT30 Automatic Wire Twister ...Read More
Haydon Kerk: Programmable Actuator & GUI

Waterbury, CT — Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions has introduced the Haydon IDEA Drive stepper motor linear actuator. The new product is an integrated linear actuator, electronic drive, and control unit fully programmable with an easy-to-use patent pending GUI (Graphic User Interface).Read More
Heidenhain DRO Upgrades Manual CMMs

Schaumburg, IL — The latest Heidenhain ND 1400 QUADRACHEK digital readout (DRO) is designed specifically for manual coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and can capture two- and three-dimensional features with its measuring computer functionality. This intuitive DRO with its color touchscreen interface ...Read More
Henkel Extends Die Attach Solder Paste Product Line

Irvine, CA — Henkel has introduced Multicore DA101 die-attach solder paste, its newest formulation which delivers many of the well-known benefits of DA100, but has been designed for screen print operations, thus offering flexibility for varying process requirements. Read More
Herrmann: Ultrasonic Welder

Schaumburg, IL — Herrmann Ultrasonics has introduced its new ultrasonic welding machine, called the HiQ evolution — a machine designed to provide time and energy savings because of its programmable effective stroke for optimized sonotrode motion.
The new machine reportedly reduces non-productive time, provides flexibility through freely programmable effective stroke, fast Sonotrode-stack exchange with no tools required. In addition, the user has...
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Nikon Metrology Unveils QA X-Ray System

Leuven, Belgium — Nikon Metrology is introducing the compact yet versatile XT V 130 X-ray inspection system that efficiently traces failures inside complex electronic devices and multilayer circuit boards. It is a compact and affordable X-ray system for automated QA on serial-produced electronic samples.
Hidden electronic defects can be detected efficiently early in the manufacturing process by taking an in-depth look at the inside of electronic specimens.
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OGP Intros eCAD Electronic Overlay Package

Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP®) is introducing eCAD a new electronic overlay package consisting of software and internal comparator hardware that allows a CAD model to be used to project a profile tolerance band onto the comparator screen. The software runs on a standard ...Read More
XYZ Nanopositioning Stage from PI

Auburn, MA, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has added two new multi-axis stages for super-resolution microscopy applications, providing highly accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution over travel ranges of 200µm in XY and XYZ.
The new PI nano1 x 3 series XY and XYZ nanopositioning stages are designed for inverted microscopes from the four major manufacturers: Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss.
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Plasma Etch: Low-Cost Plasma Cleaning System

Carson City, NV — Plasma Etch, Inc. is introducing a highly affordable benchtop plasma cleaning system, the PE-50, designed specifically for Universities and R&D facilities. The new system utilizes a substantial 6 x 6 x 4-in. aluminum vacuum chamber for accommodating substrates up to 5 x 5-in. with ...Read More
Medical Telemetry Crystals from Statek

Orange, CA — Statek Corporation crystal products are now available for the medical telemetry market. Foremost among products offered specifically for this market is the CX11 crystal, which is the smallest crystal available in the industry, with a package size of 3.20 x 1.50mm, and a height of 0.90mm ...Read More
Tharo: Label Printer/Applicator

Brunswick, OH — The Tharo PA2000t Label Printer/Applicator is a cost-effective accessory for the company's H-400/H-600 Series of thermal/thermal transfer bar code label printers. According to the company, the Printer/Applicator is easy to use, with minimal adjustments necessary, quick setup and changeover ...Read More
Vision Engineering Intros Stereo Mic/Camera

New Milford, CT — New from Vision Engineering is the Mantis stereo microscope with a permanently engaged camera — the Mantis Elite-Cam. The integration of a high performance camera provides users with the advantage of effortlessly capturing images for reporting, cataloging and communicating ...Read More
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