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Publication Date: 02/1/2010
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WAGO: Tool-Free Panel Terminal Block
Feedthrough terminal block.
Germantown, WI — WAGO Corporation's new 828 Series Feedthrough Terminal Block offers several industry-exclusive features to simplify the feeding of currents up to 40A (AWG 6) through enclosure walls. As the only feedthrough terminal block utilizing Cage Clamp® spring pressure connection technology, all terminations are tool-free and maintenance-free. Simply lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor (16-6 AWG) into the termination port and lower the lever.

Rated at 300V/40A, the 828 Series utilizes single-piece construction to simplify the necessary panel opening and eliminate alignment issues during panel assembly. Installation is efficient: insert block through a rectangular panel opening and secure it to the panel with a standard locking clip. An exclusive integrated lockout accommodates a security seal or similar tagout marker, limiting unauthorized access to external terminations. An exclusive panel gasket seal provides a splash-resistant seal to the enclosure for additional protection and reliability.

The feedthrough block was initially designed for use in alternative energy inverter systems, and the tool-free simplicity makes it suitable for applications where the field-wired power input connections need to be segregated from sensitive electronics. The feedthrough terminal block allows those power input connections to be made outside the protected area of an enclosure. Examples include HVAC control panels, lighting controls and generators.

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