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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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On the Rebound
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
APEX is upon us, and this show is both a bellwether and a renewal. Business is coming back, the Dow is comfortably above 10,000 once again, and we at U.S. Tech have pulled out all the stops to bring you a super-size, super-excellent issue for the Show.

Super-size of course depends on advertising, and we are happy to report in the most graphic way possible (by the number of pages in this issue) that business is on the rebound. But a note of caution: come into the APEX Show with positive expectations, but don't look for a complete turnaround, not this early in the year.

What remains to be seen is how anticipated Christmas 2010 orders trickle down to new and renewed business for every sector of electronics manufacturing — components (check out the EDS Show next month), EMS orders and capacity expansion; and finally the orders and sales of an expected upswing in everything electronic.

While you shouldn't expect it to all happen at once, our industry should pretty much be recovered and thriving well before the Fall Classic is upon us — the monster show in Rosemont in September. One of the realities in this rebounding economy include higher productivity per person in all sectors; this can translate into longer hours with fewer new hires and rehires. How this ultimately translates for the electronics industry is simple: a return to profitability and more bang for the buck for the consumer. This is not unlike the trend to increased productivity that followed our last recession. Ultimately the world economy rebounded very strongly, and we sincerely expect this to happen once again.  

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