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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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Schunk Adds Electro-Permanent Magnetic Clamping
Magnetic workpiece clamping system.
Morrisville, NC — Schunk Inc. is adding several new lines of magnetic clamping to its workholding product range. The new lines include a complete line of permanent and electro-permanent grinding and EDM magnets, bipolar magnets for holding round bars to cut Key-Ways and Whip Stocks and Radial magnets for VTLs to hold rings, as well as other magnets for special applications.

With MAGNOS, the company relies on the innovative technology of electro-permanent magnets, which require only a short pulse of electricity to activate and deactivate the magnetic field. A uniform clamping force is possible because of the poles' quadratic geometry. Reliable clamping, even during rough machining, is ensured by the high holding forces of the magnets. Different pole sizes of 32, 50, 75, and 100mm are available, enabling the holding forces to be tailored to individual requirements.

Magnetic workholding enables five-sided machining with high holding forces, without any interfering clamps or distortion to the workpiece. Pole extensions that act as workpiece support allow the user to position different workpieces rapidly and precisely thus improving the productivity and capacity of the machine.

When combined with the company's UNILOCK quick-change pallet system, the magnetic clamping plates can be equipped with the UNILOCK clamping pins. Such flexibility in production opens the door to countless possible applications.

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