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Publication Date: 03/1/2010
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ProMik: Flash Programming Station
Twin flash programming system.
Nuremberg, Germany — ProMik GmbH's cost-effective SAP2000 semi-automatic in-circuit flash programming station is especially suitable for to medium production volumes. Larger volumes can be accommodated with a system expansion by simply adding an expansion chassis. The tandem system supports flashing two different panels simultaneously.

The core of the semi-automatic station is the MSP2000NET 2-channel programming system: It is able to program microcontrollers, CPLDs and high-density NOR/NAND flash memories, supports various data formats (BDM, JTAG, SPI, SCI and I2C) at its configurable I/Os, and is fitted with connectors for FlexRay, CAN and LIN. The intuitive FlashTASK control software ensures the management of the programming operations and facilitates integration with common MES systems, including tracing operations and barcode scanners. SAP2000 offers integrated voltage distribution for providing the power required for flashing with any programmers or fixtures. The complete programming station is controlled — also in the tandem configuration — by an industrial-grade Windows PC (plug-in) and an ergonomic operator console consisting of a 17-in. flat screen, keyboard and mouse. The FlashTASK system control software supports the setup personnel during the creation of a new job and then the operator during the flashing process, which ultimately only requires pressing three colored buttons.

Inexperienced users can successfully perform simple and complex operations with the system with only minimal training. Housed in a 19-in. rack, the programming system is a compact station providing advantages both for use as a standalone system and for embedding in a manufacturing environment. The station uses a fast changeover mounting bracket for precision application-specific fixtures.

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