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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Apocalypse Now

We're only two years away from Doomsday, according to some soothsayers, historians and others who are reading numerous predictions. While the likelihood this actually happening is very small, there are any number of catastrophes that could overwhelm the Planet Earth now or any other year. If you've watched some of the History Channel's scenarios, you have already had the hell scared out of you.
There have been any number of end-of-the-world themes espoused by popular
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A Good Year for Trade Shows

Have we at last turned the corner? To hear the reactions of most exhibitors at APEX, this year's show was certainly a turning point of sorts. Almost every exhibitor was happy, or at least very positive about the Show, the kinds of leads they were getting, the number of quality visitors to their booths.The number of no-shows (empty booths with no exhibits or staffers) was remarkably small, and the overall climate was very definitely...
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