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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Assembléon A-Series Becomes IC Shooter
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Veldhoven, Netherlands — Assembléon is introducing A-Series pick-and-place machines that now can place ICs at the same speed and accuracy as chip components using the company's new Twin Placement Robot (TPR). The TPR eliminates the need for the extra line balancers that are needed by other pick-and-place machines, making the A-Series with TPR an all-in-one solution, especially for DRAM module placement.

The breakthrough is the latest of the company's "Smart Solutions", which includes the MCP screen printer — the first to deliver the exact amount of solder paste needed by each component.

The new TPR makes possible speed chip and IC shooting on a single platform. It does this at high speeds (up to 111,000 components/hour to IPC 9850) and excellent accuracy (as good as 35µm). Components can be picked from a front side tape and/or tray feeder — making A-Series machines excellent single solutions when placing DRAM memory modules and other ICs.

According to the company, the extra IC placement speed brings important savings to equipment manufacturers. It means just one machine is needed to place both ICs and chips, eliminating separate line balancers. This saves operating and maintenance costs, as well as valuable factory floor space. The TPR will bring real benefits to IC-oriented industries such as the booming DRAM market.

Contact: Assembléon America, Inc., 5110 McGinnis Ferry Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30005 800-474-4547 or 770-751-4420 fax: 770-751-4450 or Assembléon Netherlands B.V., De Run 1110, 5503 La Veldhoven, Netherlands +31 40 27 23000 fax: +31 40 27 23200

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