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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Ovation Intros Tooling, Squeegee Holder
Universal squeegee blade holder.
Bethlehem, PA — Ovation Products has introduced Grid-Lok Gold, the company's latest fully automatic tooling solution for board and substrate support. The new product reportedly offers the same automation, high density pin array and sensitive locking technology as its sibling, HD Grid-Lok. But the new Gold standard goes farther with an enhanced design and foolproof electrical connectivity ergonomics to offer flexible, reliable tooling at the touch of a button. The system also has a half-size control enclosure for easier integration into host equipment.

According to the company, Grid-Lok Gold is easy to use and accommodates diverse product demands from basic SMT to high-density double-sided assemblies. Once the substrate is loaded, the system automatically takes control to gently raise the high density array of pneumatically-controlled pins. These conform to the board topography, including underside components, and lock firmly into place. The support pin array maintains its configuration until independently reset for the next board. It thus eliminates operator intervention and reduces support tooling set-up to less than 20 seconds.

A simple tool that reduces costs and simplifies inventory, Magna-Print is an innovative universal squeegee blade holder and paste deflector system. It is a suitable solution for the problems of maintaining multiple squeegee blades and holders to accommodate diverse PCB sizes.

At the core of Magna-Print is special technology that deploys magnetic blade location and a patented blade-locking mechanism to deliver excellent stability. The robust system is easy to use, permitting quick and efficient product changeover in a matter of seconds. The proven design also allows blades to be removed easily for cleaning with negligible maintenance.

Contact: Ovation Products, 3864 Courtney St.,Suite 240, Bethlehem, PA 18017 484-893-1028 Web:

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