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Publication Date: 05/1/2010
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Shin-Etsu: Hi Reliability Bonding Materials for LEDs
3 different die bond materials.
Akron, OH — Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (U.S. subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd., Japan) has introduced a diverse line of silicone die-bond materials that provide advanced encapsulating performance for high-brightness LEDs (HBLED).

The company's KER Series was developed as a die encapsulation, die-attach adhesive, and lens-type material to provide superior long-term reliability for applications in general-purpose lighting and the rapidly expanding HBLED category. The KER Series is a methyl silicone-based system which hardens by using a heat-cured platinum catalyst.

Comprised of three key products — KER-300-M2, KER-3100-U2, and KER-3200-T1 — the series offers a broad spectrum of silicone polymer chemistry and structural composition that make them an excellent choice for numerous demanding HBLED packaging applications. Notable applications range from display equipment like traffic light signals to backlight sources such as LED TVs and a myriad of lighting materials like automobile headlights. Silicones are replacing epoxy resins in these applications because of its inherent reliability. In addition to providing increased adhesive strength and thermal performance, the KER products are more compatible with silicone encapsulates than epoxy-based die attach materials, which may inhibit platinum heat cure materials. The KER series is available in clear, opaque, and white thin bond line versions to minimize light absorption and maximize heat dissipation.

KER-3000-M2is a one-component, heat-cure die-bond formulation using a silicone base, and is an almost transparent, colorless die-bond material that exhibits little discoloration and has high long-term reliability in withstanding the effects of heat and light. KER-3100-U2 is a single component heat-cure die-bond material with a silicone base, with high covering power, high light reflectivity, low thermal resistance, and superior thermal conductivity. Its white color is suitable for applications when gold plating is used and a white color adhesive reflecting light is required.

KER-3200-T1 is a one-component heat-cure die-bond adhesive with a silicone base, low thermal resistance and exhibits little discoloration from heat and light.

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