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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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Aeroflex Intros Portable GPS Positional Simulator

Wichita, KS — Aeroflex has introduced the GPSG-1000, the first truly portable GPS and Galileo positional simulator. The unit is lightweight, easy to use, configurable, and inexpensive. It fills a gap in the market by providing a low-cost 12-channel test set that creates three-dimensional simulations ...Read More
Altech Intros Rectangular Industrial Connectors

Flemington, NJ — New Altech® industrial rectangular connectors have been engineered to enable reliable mechanical and electrical connections for a wide range of data, control, signal, and power applications. This new family of connector products is offered in a variety of pole configurations, housings ...Read More
Asahi Intros New Electromni Actuator

Malden, MA — Asahi/America Inc. is introducing its new Series 83A Electromni actuator for ball valves. The predecessor Series 83 has been the actuator of choice for small quarter-turn ball valves since 1983; the new series maintains the Series 83's original look while improving on its quality, design ...Read More
Weatherproof AC Kits from Automation Systems

Mechanicsburg, PA — Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is introducing a brand new product line — weatherproof AC kits. These kits consist of a dual AC, GFCI or faceless GFCI enclosed in a single gang box with a metal or plastic cover. Read More
B&R: Robust Industrial Power Supplies

Roswell, GA — B&R Industrial Automation has introduced its latest generation of compact, DIN rail-mountable power supplies. This extensive new line ranges from 2.1 A single-phase to 40 A three-phase and can handle an input voltage range of 100-240VAC for single-phase devices to 400-500VAC for three-phase devices ...Read More
BC Systems: Military RF Power Amplifier

Setauket, NY — BC Systems has introduced the Model RF40015, an RF power amplifier designed for defense applications which provides broadband frequency coverage of 20 to 305MHz and RF output power of at least 100W in Class AB operation.Read More
E-Switch: Water-Resistant Anti-Vandal Switch

Minneapolis, MN — E-Switch is introducing the PV7 series, a water-resistant anti-vandal switch. With a rating of 2 amps at 48VDC, it comes illuminated in red, yellow, orange, blue, green or white. Both ring and dot illumination options are available. Made of stainless steel and nickel-plated brass ...Read More
Extech Clamp Meter Sends Readings to FLIR IR Cameras

Waltham, MA — Extech Instruments has introduced the new EX845, a 1000A AC/DC CAT IV clamp meter with new METERLiNK technology and a built-in infrared thermometer.
 METERLiNK is an exclusive new technology that wirelessly connects FLIR infrared cameras to Extech meters using Bluetooth to accelerate and simplify...
Read More
Fujipoly Reinforces Gap Filler Pads

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly has introduced Sarcon® GR-HF gap filler pads. These unusual thermal interface materials are manufactured with a hardened top surface as well as a reinforced nylon mesh layer. The added reinforcement and less tacky surface treatments dramatically reduce tearing, elongation ...Read More
GardTec: Green Fan Cord with Thermostat

Racine, WI — GardTec's Green Fan Cord is described as the industry's only AC fan cord that is thermostatically controlled. This Patent Pending product is designed to simply replace the current fan cord; no additional wiring, circuit boards, controls boxes, or design changes are required. The cord ...Read More
Haydon Kerk Intros 4G Linear Actuators

Waterbury, CT — Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. is introducing the G4 19000 Series Can-stack Stepper Motor Linear Actuator, built for extended reliability and high performance. This is the 3rd linear actuator size added to the company's line of high output can-stacks that reportedly offer superior ...Read More
Leine & Linde Extreme Encoder from Heidenhain

Strangnas, Sweden — The new Extreme 1000 series from Leine & Linde offers encoders for severe environments. Available in North America through Heidenhain Corporation, the measurement and function range on this encoder is especially designed to meet the exceptional requirements of the steel, crane ...Read More
HEMCO: Lab Planning Brochure

Independence, MO — New from HEMCO is its Laboratory Planning Solutions Brochure, which includes information on Uniline Laboratory Casework, Countertops/Work surfaces, Uniflow Laboratory Fume Hoods, Ventilation Systems & safety Equipment and Modular Labs and Cleanrooms.Read More
HSI Intros Liquid Level Sensors

Chickasha, OK — HSI Sensing has unveiled its new series of liquid level sensors, also known as float sensors or fluid level sensors. The new PRX+1660 series represents a new product line for the company, which enables it to address the need for reliable, robust, and reasonably priced sensors for ...Read More
Heyco: Junction Boxes for PV Panels

Toms River, NJ — Heyco Products, Inc. has introduced its new PVB-101 junction boxes. Specifically designed for manufacturers of single diode, double ribbon photovoltaic panels, PVB-101 Boxes have a low profile design that maximizes usable solar panel collector space and low insertion force connectors ...Read More
Honeywell Intros New Thermal Management Materials

Morris Township, NJ — Honeywell Electronic Materials has introduced a new printable thermal management material designed to help manage the tremendous heat produced by increasingly powerful semiconductors in portable computing devices such as laptops and netbooks.Read More
Modular Programmable Power Loads from Instek

Chino, CA — GW Instek has introduced its new multi-channel programmable DC electronic load, the PEL-2000 Series. The new product is a multiple-channel programmable DC electronic load with modularized structure. This product is designed to meet the test requirements of high-speed semiconductor devices ...Read More
Ironwood: Hi-Performance BGA Socket

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high-performance BGA socket for 0.65mm pitch 588-pin BGA. The SG-BGA-7181 socket is designed for 13.5 x 25.2 x 1.95mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 10GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. The contact resistance ...Read More
Hi-Temp MR16 Sockets from JKL

Pacoima, CA — JKL Components Corporation is offering two high-temperature MR16 sockets — the 2993-G5 and 2993-G6 — with a G4 bi-pin base and 6-in. (150mm) insulated leads. The ceramic setting and 18 gauge wire (AWG) are UL listed 3122 and can endure high-temperature applications with no distortion or ...Read More
JPSA: Wafer Processing Systems

Manchester, NH — The IX-6100 ChromaDice Solid state laser scribing system from J. P. Sercel Associates, Inc. (JPSA) delivers high speed wafer scribing integrated with a state-of-the-art automated wafer handling system. The system provides LED manufacturers with the ability to increase production ...Read More
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