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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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New ACE Software Toolkit for Selective Soldering
Offline programming for selective soldering.
Spokane, WA — Selective Soldering has been made simpler and easier by the launch of ACE production Technologies' new KISS-Ware 2.0 software and programming tools. This latest release of the company's advanced selective soldering software.

Designed to provide users with a more intuitive programming platform, the new software easily imports PCB assembly data from a variety of sources and assists the programmer in the fast, simple development of a soldering program to drive the company's selective soldering systems.

The software accepts one or more of a variety of inputs, including Gerber, DXF, Digital or scanned board images to quickly generate PCB dimensions and display X/Y data points that will become the fluxing and soldering targets. This interactive tool enables program editing right on the PCB image, ensuring simple, accurate and prompt results.

After selecting the "flux tool" or "solder nozzle", the operator drags the icon/cursor to the desired flux and solder locations and the software automatically generates all of the machine commands required for processing the job. As the program develops, the user interface displays a highlighted path identifying everything that has been programmed. In the event that edits are needed, the operator simply calls up the same graphical interface, highlights the desired items to be edited, and follows the intuitive program prompts.

Typical programming time for a new selective soldering job takes no more than 5 minutes. Other quick command features include editing on the actual assembly image, step-by-step prompts, and easy global edits.

Contact: ACE Production Technologies, 3010 N. First Street, Spokane Valley, WA 99216 509-924-4898 fax: 509-533-1299 E-mail: Web:

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