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Publication Date: 06/1/2010
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XYZ Piezo Flexure Stage from PI
Micropositioning stage and controller.
Auburn, MA — PI's P-563.3CD PIMars stage is a piezo flexure-guided scanning and nanomanipulation system. The unit enables precision motion control with resolution in the sub-nanometer realm and 340 x 340 x 340µm travel in XYZ, significantly more than other of today's capacitive-feedback equipped systems can provide. Integrated, direct-measuring capacitance sensors and digital closed-loop control boost linearity by up to three orders of magnitude over conventional piezo stages.

Typical applications include micromanufacturing, bio-technology, nanotechnology, scanning microscopy, nano-manipulation, nano-imprint, semiconductor & data-storage test equipment.

PIMars stages incorporate high-force solid-state piezo actuator drives, frictionless flexure guiding systems and absolute measuring capacitive position sensors. The high force of the solid-state piezo actuators allows for fast response in the millisec range and high scanning frequencies.

PIMars stages are based on a different design principle than conventional scanning stages. The XYZ system consists of only one moving part, a single module rather than three individual stacked modules, as common in other XYZ systems. This "parallel-kinematics" mechanical design is complemented by a parallel direct-motion metrology feedback system.

With parallel direct-metrology, all non-contact sensors monitor the moving platform and reference it to ground "from the outside". They can "see" off-axis and runout errors. The controller then eliminates unwanted motion in real-time. Conventional serial-metrology sensors (integrated in each axis) cannot detect off-axis errors.

The system offers 340 x 340 x 340µm travel range; 66 x 66mm clear aperture; nanometer resolution; millisecond responsiveness; ultrahigh vacuum versions up to 10-9hPa are available; invar, super-invar and titanium versions available.

A variety of analog and digital controllers in bench-top, OEM-board, and rack-mount designs are available to drive the units.

Contact: PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., 16 Albert St., Auburn, MA 01501 508-832-3456 fax: 508-832-0506 E-mail: Web:

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