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Publication Date: 07/1/2010
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Danaher Expands Gearwrench Tool Line
Sparks, MD — GearWrench® division of Danaher Tool Group has extended its industrial line of hand tools to include more than 700 new products. Designed to minimize downtime and improve productivity for industrial tool users, the line now includes socket sets, ratchets, accessories, impact sockets, pliers and wrenches. In addition, the company has introduced an industrial strength tool storage series.

The company continues to introduce new innovations, including the indexing ratcheting wrench and open end ratcheting wrench. These new wrenches are especially suitable for getting at fasteners around plumbing, piping, and hydraulic lines typically found on production equipment. Also new are a 40° offset box end wrench and a selection of black oxide adjustable wrenches.

There are 400 new impact sockets ranging from 1/4 up to 3/4-in. drive impact sockets and including standard, deep, universal and hex bit impact sockets designed for heavy duty, high torque applications.

The company has introduced 30 new socket sets, ratchets and accessories that include a 3/4-in. drive for industrial needs. Accessories include ratchets, extensions and sliding t-handles. New in the line are 30 new pliers that have cushion grips for comfort. The line includes slip joint, groove joint, end nippers, needle nose, duck bill, mini and cutting pliers to meet almost any industrial need.

New GearWrench XL series storage solutions incorporate the company's "Trigger Lock" design, allowing drawers to lock when closed and unlock with a natural pull operation, as well as single and double ball bearing slides, molded side handles, gas shock lids, and barrel lock systems. Several configurations are available to meet almost any need including hand boxes, carts, top chests and roller cabinets.

Contact: Danaher Tool Group, 14600 York Rd., Suite A, Sparks, MD 21152 800-688-8949 fax: 800-234-0472 Web:
http://www.gearwrench.com or http://www.danaher.com or http://www.cooperdanahertools.com

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