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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Benchtop Fume Extraction from IP Systems
Fume extraction system.
Suwanee, GA — IP Systems will showcase a complete fume extraction solution consisting of filter unit, fume cabinets and flexible exhaust arms. The filter unit uses HEPA and gas filters and recirculates the purified air. Removing fumes or vapors from solvents, soldering and adhesive applications protects the worker from exposure to harmful substances.

Traditionally, exhaust from wave solder machines, reflow ovens, conformal coating, and other process equipment has been vented to the outside. IP Systems filter units offer an alternative: filtration of the exhaust and re-circulation of the cleaned air. Because these filter units can be setup within hours, the use of such systems can reduce downtime when installing or relocating production lines.

Very often roof mounted ventilation systems with long duct runs do not provide adequate exhaust for the oven. When the flux fumes are not properly vented, increased maintenance is required to keep the oven clean. Flux may even drip onto boards causing quality problems.

Re-circulating the filtered air reduces the amount of "make-up air" needed from the outside. This reduces the needed air conditioning capacity and the operating costs. In addition, the filtration of flux fumes eliminates air pollution and thus can be used as a tool for ISO14000 certification.

Contact: IP Systems LLC, 50-A Satellite Blvd. NW, Suwanee, GA 30024 770-614-7701 fax: 770-614-7707 E-mail: Web:

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