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Publication Date: 08/1/2010
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Seho Intros Innovative Fluxer Spray Head
Spray fluxer is retrofittable.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — Seho Systems GmbH has completely redesigned the fluxer area of its wave soldering systems. As a result, both the flux consumption as well as maintenance times are greatly reduced, which helps to decrease manufacturing costs in electronics production.

The ATS Spray Fluxer has several advantages, using a rotary pump that continuously transports the flux from the flux container into a bypass system. For spraying, a bypass valve interrupts the circuit and guides the flux to the spray head.

The new spray head uses HVLP technology (high-volume, low pressure) which generates atomization of the flux with a comparatively low pressure. This ensures a stable spray jet with a very homogeneous spray pattern and an extremely good boundary at the outer edges to provide a remarkable reduction of the flux consumption.

Overall, this low pressure system creates considerably less spray mist which results in a notable reduction of soiling in the fluxer area. As a result, maintenance requirements are minimized. With the ATS Spray Fluxer, both flux quantity and spay pressure are adjustable. All connections are designed as quick-acting closures and the spray head is quickly exchangeable.

The flux container, which is equipped with an additional cover, can be taken out completely to allow easy cleaning. All electrical and pneumatic parts remain in the soldering system. The innovative spray fluxer is available for all of the company's wave soldering systems and may be retrofitted for older machines.

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