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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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New Low Cost Boundary Scan Controller from Goepel
PCI Express controller.
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced the SCANBOOSTER/PCIe-DT, a new high-performance, and low cost Boundary Scan controller, as an addition to its SCANBOOSTER® product line. The new controller is compliant with the PCI Express bus specification and supports JTAG/Boundary Scan tests, VarioTAP® emulation tests, in-system programming (ISP) for PLD and FPGA, as well as in-system programming for Flash serial EEPROM devices of moderate size.

The new controller consists of a PCIe plug-in card coupled with an external TAP transceiver unit, up to four meters apart. It has two separate Test Access Ports (TAPs) and supports a programmable TCK frequency up to 16MHz. Exchangeable TAP Interface Cards (TIC) add flexibility. Test bus parameters such as output and input voltage as well as output and input impedance can be programmed independently for both TAPs.

As additional resources, the controller provides 32 voltage-level-programmable, dynamic Parallel I/O, two ADC/DAC channels, external trigger signals, and three static I/O. Thus, it is ready to be deployed for extended test and PLD/Flash programming operations. Programs developed for the controller are cross-compatible with any controller of the SCANBOOSTER® series or the innovative SCANFLEX® Boundary Scan platform.

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