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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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A New Look for Business
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
It's Show Time! Something we've all been anxiously awaiting: finally ending that commute between Rosemont and Schaumburg; finally bringing the IPC Midwest into the Donald Stephens Convention Center complex. It'll be just like old times, before the split — almost. The SMTA is no longer here with its educational tracks; it packed up its show and is now meeting in Orlando, Florida every October. Now the IPC is filling that void, not only with exhibiting members, but with a hefty program of technical sessions, seminars, forums, speakers, educational tracks.

The hall will be filled far more than it had been under the old regime, and the ExpoTeria — the Convention Center's best-kept secret — still remains the best place for lunch in the entire complex.

The business climate is different this year. It's better, more positive, more hopeful as we all climb out of the pits of the last several years of recession. It's not all fun and games; a number of companies — some of them old friends — have disappeared, victimized by the business downturn. Those of us who remain are lean and trim and ready to take on a whole bunch of new challenges.

Another important change has been taking place: the continuing weakness of the dollar has brought a lot of manufacturing back to the U.S.A. While it hasn't yet made a really significant dent in our unemployment figures, domestic manufacturing is definitely on the upswing, and this is being done without the "benefit" of government bailouts.

The last year of trade shows have all been positive. While attendance records were not broken, attendees were mostly buyers, not tire-kickers, and exhibitors have gone home happy for the most part. Now, this year's new AATE/IPCMW collection of co-located shows at Rosemont will be a turning point for many of us. Let's all make the most of it and go home happy. And you don't have to go to Schaumburg any more.  

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