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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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Kinetic Intros Internal-Pendulum Leg Stands
Vibration-isolating stands.
Boston, MA — Two new vibration-isolating leg stands have been introduced by Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI). The 500AP Series leg stands have been designed to support the company's breadboards and optical tables. They are available individually as modular mounts, or as leg stands with braces and casters for optical tables.

The product's proprietary internal trifilar and quadfilar pendulum systems are said to provide exceptional horizontal vibration isolation. This, combined with active-air suspension, gives users the highest protection against horizontal and vertical vibrations. The leg stands can be configured to incorporate automatic leveling. They offer low natural frequencies — 1.25Hz along the horizontal axis and 1.50Hz along the vertical axis. They can achieve isolation efficiencies of 98 percent (horizontal) and 95 percent (vertical) at 10Hz and above.

The trifilar leg stands are designed for heavier loads than previous models. They can support heavier equipment weighing 500 to 2,000lbs. (227 to 907kg), isolating it from ambient building vibrations typically caused by machinery, heating and ventilating systems, local truck or rail traffic.

Quadfilar mounts have a load capacity of 250 to 1,000lbs. (113.4 to 453.6kg) and provide best-in-class horizontal vibration isolation. Both types are also Class 100 cleanroom compatible. Braces and casters are available for leg stands from 14 through 32-in. (356 to 813mm) high.

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