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Publication Date: 09/1/2010
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Altron: Getting it Right in America's Heartland
Surface mount production area.

At Altron Inc., success is based on quality that runs throughout its entire business. Quality is embedded in every process, from conceptual design through final packaging. The company's quality system begins at order placement, and continues through manufacturing with highly efficient processes, attention to detail and technical support to produce leading-edge products.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Altron Inc. is a VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business) full-service contract manufacturer. It is focused exclusively on the production of electronic and

electromechanical assemblies. Founded in 1974 by US Air Force veteran Al Phillips, Altron is committed to meeting the demands of today's rapidly evolving electronics marketplace. Meeting these ever-changing technology requirements of its customers has been the company's mantra for 35 years, still under the leadership of its president, owner and founder.

Serves Variety of Industries
The company offers services to its customers in a wide variety of industries, including medical, military, aerospace, computer, telecommunications, GPS, commercial/industrial and health/fitness. It maintains customer satisfaction through specialized support, on-time delivery and a quality system that creates longtime relationships with clients.

Monitoring annual customer satisfaction surveys and monthly on-time delivery reports provides the necessary information, which ensures customer satisfaction. The company's commitment to its customers is demonstrated by last year's customer satisfaction survey, which indicated a 98 percent rate of meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Meeting Demands and Needs
In its range of services, Altron provides circuit board assemblies, and cable and harness assemblies with complete box build and testing services. From prototype to production, the company meets the most demanding processes and production schedules.

One service area where Altron says it particularly capable is quick-turn prototyping. The company accommodates multiple changes on highly complex circuit boards, working with clients to meet their deadlines and their time-to-market goals.

In addition, the company takes on the role of being a partner by bringing to bear its system integration and fulfillment services. From component purchasing to final distribution, it can handle the clients' supply chain needs.

Procurement Contracts
In the field of sourcing, Altron establishes corporate procurement contracts and outsourcing agreements to ensure cost-effective component and sub-assembly purchases. Both domestic and foreign suppliers are engaged to maintain a highly competitive and flexible supply chain. Supplier performance audits ensure that they are capable of meeting every detail of comprehensive specifications. Before production begins, engineers review all customer requirements and establish procedures to verify that those requirements will be met or exceeded. Before an order is released for production, all of the individual elements that will be used in the production are gathered in a kit.

Every incoming part that will be used in production is first inspected and checked for conformance to the customer's specifications. Resistors and capacitors are tested to make sure their values are correct, helping to eliminate any supplier errors. Cases that will be used for box builds are also checked for dimensional accuracy and adherence to design parameters.

Each circuit board that will be used in production is given a unique serial number and job number. This will assure absolute traceability of all components that are used in the production of the board. All production records are retained for seven years. This is a critical feature of the company's ability to provide customers with traceability of all orders and the components that were used to make up each order.

Before being released for production, every circuit board is processed through a bake cycle to eliminate moisture and to assure the best soldering conditions possible.

In manufacturing, Altron has lomg experience in meeting final product manufacturing needs in a variety of industries and applications. The company's experience and knowledge translate into faster time-to-market, lower manufacturing costs and the highest quality product to the customer.

The company provides logistics management services that are tailored to its clients. A case in point is its electrostatic discharge packaging to meet customer-specified or recyclable packaging parameters. Drop shipping and custom labeling services are also available.
High volume Simplimatic conveyorized assembly line.

The products and services provided meet the most demanding standards set by the company's customers. It consistently achieve zero non-compliances and zero non-conformities during external audits. Internal quality controls are conducted on every order to ensure that the company is meeting or exceeding its quality goals. By integrating quality into the entire manufacturing process, the company is able to identify production issues early and virtually eliminate process variations, resulting in products that are manufactured to specifications the first time with first-pass yields that are consistently in excess of 99 percent.

Medical Corridor Central
Altron operates with 140 employees from a 65,000-ft.2 environmentally controlled facility in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. According to the company, the facility is located in the heart of one of the leading high-tech medical corridors of the nation.

"Our manufacturing facility is temperature and humidity controlled to eliminate electrostatic discharge (ESD) and for the comfort and efficiency of our employees," says VP Wendy Baker. "Great care is taken at Altron to prevent ESD with testing of conductive floors, work surfaces and extensive employee training."

In addition, the manufacturing area has been designed to minimize manual handling of material and labor. "We have undertaken several initiatives to optimize product flow throughout the facility," Baker says. This minimizes distance and time to move from one operation to the next, with conveyors implemented in most areas. This means less labor expended and a further cost savings for customers. With an average tenure of more than 10 years, Altron's employees have the skills and training necessary to meet the most demanding requirements. This very special combination of experienced, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment sets the company apart from other EMS providers, making Altron the optimal choice for difficult projects.

At Altron quality isn't just a buzz word or catch phrase — "it's the way we do business". It forms the foundation for every production decision that is made. Customers become partners, and the company works with its partners from end to end, making the project as easy as possible. Outsourcing to Altron eliminates the hassle of trying to track someone down for information; every order received has its own personal program manager.

Reliable contract manufacturing partnership with turnkey, consignment or any combination of services is all available right in the middle of America's heartland; 35 years of success assures customer satisfaction.

Contact: Altron, Inc., 6700 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW, Minneapolis, MN 55303-5852 763-427-7735 E-mail: Web:

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