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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Bonal Intros New Weld Stress Relief System

Royal Oak, MI — Bonal Technologies, Inc. has introduced its new Meta-Lax® 2000 Semi-Automatic Touch-Screen System, which will replace the manual 700 unit as the company's inexpensive introductory Meta-Lax system.Read More
CH Products Intros Professional Video Joystick

Vista, CA — CH Products, now a division of APEM, is now offering the IPD Launch Joystick. The controller has a sleek black housing, 10 programmable pushbuttons and a three-axis resistive joystick, to offer an economical option for security professionals. Easy to operate and install with USB interface ...Read More
Creform Intros Cart & Rack for Wire Spools

Greer, SC — Creform has introduced a new cart/storage rack unit designed specifically to hold and maximize handling capabilities for various gauge sizes and color-coded spools of electrical wire. The carts are especially suitable for use at electronic manufacturing facilities where wire is used on ...
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DEK Launches Eclipse for Solar Cell Production

Weymouth, U.K. — DEK Solar is launching its highly anticipated Eclipse platform — an advanced metallization line that provides extraordinary levels of flexibility.
The Eclipse provides a high-throughput metallization solution for commercial solar cell production. Launching an entirely new, flexible platform design concept, the new system ...
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FlexLink Improves Conveyor Lead Time

Allentown, PA — FlexLink's supply division has made a significant reduction in lead time of standard XT assembly line modules to satisfy customer requirements.
Based on increased customer demands for shorter delivery times, after a thorough ...
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Handheld Ultrasonic Welder from Sonitek

Milford, CT — Sonitek's handheld 40kHz 400-watt welding system Model Ultra-Tek 40.4 incorporates a digital frequency generator and controller with intelligent cooling system. It is compatible with the Branson & Dukane® 40kHz converters and probes. Read More
Hemco: Economy Clean Rooms

Independence, MO — Hemco has introduced its economy Clean Room System incorporating the benefits of modular wall panel construction and the cost-effective clear vinyl strip door entries. These rooms are built to meet class 100 to class 100,000 applications.Read More
HTC: Friendly Green Recycled Wipes

Enfield, CT — Friendly green single-ply wipes from High-Tech Conversions, are low linting, very absorbent, soft and will not scratch. They are excellent for light duty tasks and delicate surfaces. Because they are very low in lint and chemical extractables, they will leave surfaces very clean ...Read More
JNJ Heavy Duty Degreaser Certified as Clean Air Solvent

Franklin, MA — JNJ Industries' GlobalTech® Heavy Duty Degreaser (HDD) has been certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD — California) as a Clean Air Solvent, meeting stringent requirements of 25 grams per liter or less of VOCs. The certification is in effect for 5 ...Read More
JPSA Intros LED Automation Platform

Manchester, NH — J P Sercel Associates (JPSA) is now shipping worldwide its new Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) to semiconductor and LED manufacturers. The IAP is a high-volume production robot dedicated to providing uninterrupted processing of wafers, which lowers LED manufacturing costs.Read More
KardexRemstar Intros Automated Drawer Carousel

Westbrook, ME — The new KardexRemstar automated drawer carousel can provide more storage locations in less floor space for up to 20 percent lower cost when compared to standard drawer cabinets in electronics applications. The automated drawer carousel increases part density, thereby replacing 25 ...Read More
Magid Intros Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Chicago, IL — Using a new compound for advanced breaking strength and widened application usage, Magid Glove & Safety has introduced its new EconoWear® T9330 Disposable Nitrile Gloves. These ambidextrous, light blue, powder-free, latex-free, 9-1/2-in. (241mm) long, 5 mil. (127µ) disposable nitrile ...Read More
Manncorp Revamps Rework Line

Willow Grove, PA — A new line of rework systems, ranging from manually assisted models for video game repair to versatile, fully automatic versions with split vision, can now be seen on the company's website. Five different systems are being showcased, each with its special features, functions and ...Read More
Motorized Linear Blade Depanelizer from FKN

Framingham, MA — FKN Systek's K4000 PCB singulator is designed to depanelize skip routed PCB panels up to 24-in. (609mm) long. The operator simply places the bottom scoreline of the PCB onto the linear blade and steps on a guarded foot switch to bring the circular blade across the top scoreline for ...Read More
MVP: All-in-One Configurable AOI System

Carlsbad, CA — Machine Vision Products is demonstrating the Ultra 850G Semiconductor, Packaging and MicroElectronics AOI solution — the latest addition to the company's line of Automated Optical Inspection tools. The system is configurable to be deployed in all aspects of the packaging, die or ...
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New IMS Prototyping from PCB-POOL

Boston, MA — PCB-POOL® has introduced a new metal core (insulated metal substrate) PCB prototyping service. Metal core PCBs are designed to transmit heat away from operating areas on the PCB or components to less critical areas such as metal heat-sink backing and metallic core.Read More
Nikon Intros Updated CMM/CNC Interface Software

Brighton, MI — CMM-Manager 3.0 for Windows 7 from Nikon reportedly offers the most value-for-money tactile inspection software that runs on nearly all CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) and manual CMMs (Coordinate measurement machines). Read More
Pres-On: Lightweight Nylon-6 Foam Insulation

Addison, IL — Pres-On is bringing manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to silicone foam with its introduction of its new N3000, a lightweight, closed cell, cross-linked foam based on Nylon 6. It is offered in 39 x 78-in. (990 x 1981mm) sheets in thicknesses ranging from 1/16 to 1/2-in. (1.59 ...Read More
Rehm: New Thermal Systems for PV Production

Blauberen, Germany — Rehm Thermal Systems has introduced an advanced new series of drying systems and firing systems for solar cell metallization. These systems offer a range of advanced process features and thermal control that enable PV manufacturers to move their processes to an entirely new level ...Read More
SCS Adds New Features to Cleanliness Test Systems

Indianapolis, IN — Specialty Coating Systems has introduced new features on its SCS Ionograph® ionic contamination test systems and PowerView software.
Ionograph systems now include an all-in-one onboard computer for efficient control and monitoring ...
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