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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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PVA Moves into New, Larger Quarters
Cohoes, NY — PVA (Precision Valve & Automation) has relocated to a new facility in Upstate New York. The 115,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Cohoes, NY, is owned by the company and accommodates all core functions, with the exception of satellite sales and support offices located around the globe. Most notably, all manufacturing of PVA equipment will be performed in the new facility.

The new location provides easy access for customers who visit PVA and, because the property is company owned, the savings are passed directly to customers through affordable prices.

The new space comfortably houses the company's multi-functional staff plus a lab, machine shop, and office space for visitors. The space is designed to facilitate communications and enhance manufacturing, with engineers just a short walk from manufacturing, thus ensuring a superior quality product for customers. In addition, the location allows potential customers to visit, demo the equipment and see the process of building the machines first hand.

"We're proud that we are fortunate enough to still be manufacturing all of our equipment in the U.S. This new facility not only allows us to keep manufacturing in New York, but it also allows us to pass on savings to customers," said Tony Hynes, President and CEO. "The advantages this building provides are numerous, it's convenient and comfortable for customers and as the company grows, having all of our staff in one location will give us room to fulfill our strategic initiatives."

Contact: Precision Valve & Automation, Inc., One Mustang Drive, Cohoes, NY 12047 518-371-2684 E-mail: info@pva.net Web:

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