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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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MEC Expands SMT Capability in Midwest Plant
New production line in MEC's Milwaukee facility.
Milwaukee, WI — MEC has added a new manufacturing line to its Midwest facility's surface mount technology (SMT) assembly area. The new line includes a Mydata MY500 jet printer, a Mydata MY100-DX14 placement machine, a Vitronics XPM820 reflow oven and a Yestech BX-12 automated optical inspection (AOI) station.

"We installed similar equipment in our Canby, Oregon-based Screaming Circuits prototype operation in 2008 and found that customers with short product lifecycles or high mix production liked the speed, flexibility and decreased non-recurring engineering (NRE) available with Mydata's jet printing technology. It contributes to improved quality as well by giving us total control of how much paste is deposited on individual pads. The addition of this line allows us to offer our production customers in the Midwest the same benefits available in our Northwest facility," said Hani Malek, MEC Midwest general manager and national sales and marketing manager. Malek added that the jet printing technology helped reduce line changeover time by allowing offline programming while production was in progress. Since the technology eliminates the requirement for stencils, it also eliminates the frontend lead-time associated with ordering stencils. The degree of deposition control minimizes the amount of paste required. Additionally, the new line enhances MEC's ability to support the denser and more tightly-packed assemblies that industry trends toward miniaturization are driving.

MEC designs and manufactures custom circuit board assemblies for the medical, transportation, military, HVAC and a variety of other industries. MEC operates over 135,000 square feet of manufacturing in Canby, Oregon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Tecate, Mexico. In addition to EMS services, it offers product development services through its MEC Innovation business unit and quickturn prototyping through its Screaming Circuits Business unit.

Contact: MEC Innovation, P.O. Box 090920, Milwaukee, WI 53209 877-632-4863 or 414-228-5000 fax: 414-228-5001 Web:

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