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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Bonal Intros New Weld Stress Relief System
Weld stress-relief system.
Royal Oak, MI — Bonal Technologies, Inc. has introduced its new Meta-Lax® 2000 Semi-Automatic Touch-Screen System, which will replace the manual 700 unit as the company's inexpensive introductory Meta-Lax system.

The new system has an easy-to-use 5-in. full color touch screen, with an option to convert to 2400 capability in the future. The new product also incorporates a microprocessor, which assists the operator throughout the Meta-Lax process including displaying data for easy transfer to Meta-Lax Certification Sheets. Within 60 seconds the operator is able to scan the part, set the proper stress relief energy level, and begin the stress relief cycle. The stress relief cycle normally takes 30-45 minutes.

In addition, the system is compatible with the company's full line of five Force Inducers, allowing it to successfully stress-relieve parts ranging in weight from ounces to over a million pounds. The unit is extremely portable and weighs only 22 pounds (10 kilos), which allows it to be taken on location if desired.

The introduction of this unit follows closely on the debut of the more advanced Meta-Lax 2400 Semi-Automatic Touch-Screen "Graphical" System earlier this year.

The two new units join the company's flagship product, the Meta-Lax 2700 Computer Controlled System, to provide advanced options to the thermal stress relief method at a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with stress relief.

Each system has the standard capability of stress-relieving as well as the ability to improve weld quality and reduce weld distortion during the actual welding process. The 2700 and 2400 Systems also provide "graphic" Certification Sheets to certify that each job has been completely stress-relieved without guessing. The Meta-Lax 2000 offers the same information in digital form, to be recorded by the operator.

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