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Publication Date: 10/1/2010
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Kistler: Force-Displacement Measure System
Force-displacement measure system .
Amherst, NY — Kistler Instrument Corporation has introduced the DMF-P A310 Universal Type 4740A series, a high-precision force-displacement measurement system. The system is designed to monitor electromechanical NC joining modules and their associated joining and pressing-in operations within assembly automation and other industrial process monitoring applications.

The new monitoring system is designed to be directly compatible with the company's electromechanical NC joining module Types NCFH, NCFN, NCFT, NCFS and NCFB. It monitors joining and press-fit processes and associated characteristics with the aid of 32 programs, each independently offering up to eight adjustable tolerance windows, making it possible to keep track of parameters such as fitting forces, end points or overloads with four-quadrant measurement capabilities.

This system also allows an operator to define critical parts of joining processes and to select from more than 30 different window types, such as end, joining or inflexion point monitoring parameters such as threading force, end position, overload, variable windows, process speed and measurement curve slope. Onboard storage capabilities handle up to 100 curve memories and 1,000 measured value memories. In addition, up to 16 position sets per program can be assigned, consisting of position, speed and set relay in step or automatic mode to suit individual requirements.

The system also has evaluation windows for break-point functions, used to detect and stop motion during events, such as those caused by a retaining ring snapping into place, for example. It provides the station control system with evaluation results in the form of an "OK" or "NOK" signal, for example, along with measurements and set points.

The 4740A Series includes an integral Ethernet/IP master, providing the servo controller and associated NC joining module with integrated sequence control, including jog, step and automatic modes, while allowing the IndraDrive servo controller to be operated and controlled directly by the DMF-P A310 Universal, without requirement of the PLC master control system to be fully functional. This allows for quick and easy setup of all common machinery control systems without any special function block. The system's integral, fully configurable fieldbus interface enables reading and writing of almost every parameter into the DMF-P A310 Universal, offering a simple system control connection with added flexibility.

While the device comes standard with Profibus, optional fieldbus interfaces such as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and ProfiNet are also available. Configuration is performed via monitor or a PC with web browser, with clear and simple operator prompts. Along with a certified Q-DAS interface, various protocols such as I.-P.M.; .csv files with set points and actual values; and part number with curve are available as documentation. Remote Ethernet connectivity capabilities also support customer use of the Kistler DMF-P series of force-displacement evaluation units.

Other features of the Kistler Type 4740A Series include setup optimization and expedited commissioning, for faster installation at lower cost; faster data transmission, even at program changeovers, to shorten cycle time; and a design that replaces four cables, for significantly reduced setup and installation costs.

Contact: Kistler Instrument Corp., 75 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228 888-547-8537 or 716-691-5100 fax: 716-691-5226 E-mail: Web:

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