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Publication Date: 12/1/2010
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DEK Rolls Out New Printing Enhancements
Horizon 031X screen printer.
Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK is showcasing its powerful Horizon 03iX print platform and also is introducing ProActiv, described as a breakthrough technology that is set to significantly extend process latitude and enhance productivity.

This breakthrough process technology enables next generation components to be printed alongside standard components, using only a conventional printing process with a single thickness stencil. While there are many factors in a stencil printing process, it is the stencil aperture area ratio that fundamentally dictates what can or cannot be printed. As stencil aperture ratios decrease to address component miniaturization and heterogeneous assemblies, the chance of successful printing falls. While existing area ratio process rules limit conventional printing with smaller apertures, ProActiv redefines these rules.

A revolutionary printing technology, ProActiv extends the print process window to a level that enables consistent printing of small apertures for 0.3mm CSPs and 01005 passives. When activated, ProActiv energizes the solder paste in contact with the squeegee blade. It's a unique action known as "shear thinning" that instantly makes the paste more compliant without altering its composition. This process increases the aperture fill to transform solder paste transfer efficiency, delivering immediate improvements in quality, yield and throughput — even with today's subassemblies. The new process offers a robust and stable operation that significantly increases yield to reduce rework and scrap. It also reduces stencil cleaning frequency, thereby increasing throughput, and improves stencil and squeegee blade life because of lower squeegee blade-to-stencil friction. The result: dramatically lower production costs and unprecedented paste transfer efficiency. According to the company, ProActiv dramatically improves yield for mixed technology applications, while enhancing stencil aperture fill and paste release.

It substantially extends the print process window, enabling consistent printing of small apertures for 0.3mm CSPs and 01005 passives.

All new Horizon 02iX, Horizon 01iX, Europa & Galaxy platforms are ProActiv-ready, and it is field-retrofittable on all DEK platforms made after 2006 — typically requiring 5 hours for on-site setup.

Contact: DEK, 1785 Winnetka Circle, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 847-368-1155 Web:

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