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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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Rexroth Intros eLINE Cam Roller Runner Blocks
Cam roller runner blocks.
Buchanan, MI — Rexroth cam roller runner blocks for eLINE profiled rail systems provide smooth, quiet running, at speeds up to 12m/s. Now the company has made these cam roller runner blocks suitable for use in vacuum applications by eliminating or modifying components that contribute to outgassing. As a result, applications such as deposition and ion implantation, previously off-limits to traditional linear guides, can benefit from eLINE's smooth performance and high load-bearing capacities.

According to the company, the products provide special and economically-priced alternatives for manufacturers that require performance motion in highly sensitive environments.

The cam roller runner blocks consist of an aluminum body with corrosion-resistant cam rollers. By replacing the standard plastic end caps with aluminum versions, adding holes in the runner block to allow venting, and by using vacuum-compatible grease, the company has made the eLINE cam roller guide system suitable for use in vacuum environments, providing smooth, quiet travel with high load capacity.

Users can choose between runner blocks in standard length with 4 cam rollers, or short runner blocks with 2 cam rollers. The dimensions and mounting hole patterns are identical to those of the equivalent ball rail runner blocks and therefore allow both eLINE cam roller and eLINE ball rail runner blocks to be installed on the same rail, if needed.

The company offers the cam roller runner blocks in sizes 15 and 25 to cater to a wide range of applications, with size 20 planned for the near future. The aluminum rail system readily compensates for tolerance errors and unevenness in mounting surfaces; the rails can be mounted from above or below.

According to the company, the cam roller runner blocks for these economical linear guides are manufactured with such high precision that they require no preload adjustment. Rails come in one-piece lengths of up to 4000mm, and composite rails can be used when loads have to be moved over longer strokes.

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