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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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New OGP SmartScope Performs Micro Part Inspection
Micro-part precision dimensional measurement system.
Rochester, NY — Optical Gaging Products (OGP®) has introduced the new SmartScope® Apex Micro precision dimensional measurement system. The Apex Micro is a floor model fixed optics system, and provides a state-of-the-art digital camera and digital zoom.

According to the company, the scope excels at video measurement. Its digital zoom offers multiple magnifications, and a wide range of long working distance optical objectives are available. There are multiple system illumination sources, including the patented white LED SmartRing light, coaxial (TTL) white surface light, and green LED back light.

The instrument is multisensor-ready, with available touch trigger probes for tactile measurement of hard-to-image part features, laser or the Rainbow Probe scanning white light sensor for non-contact surface contouring, or the unique Feather Probe micro-probe sensor, that can acquire data points with only milligrams of probing pressure.

The integrated OGP metrology software provides point-and-click ease of use as well as its power. MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor software provides full 3D measurement capabilities with programmable control of all sensors in any sequence, and complete data integration for detailed measurement verification of even the most complex/detailed parts. Optional software includes SmartFit® 3D interactive fitting software, SmartProfile® fitting software for GD&T environments, and several others for SPC, 3D CAD import, and custom report writing.

Contact: Optical Gaging Products, Inc., 850 Hudson Avenue, Rochester, NY 14621 800-647-4243 or 585-544-0400 fax: 585-544-8092 E-mail: Web:

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