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Publication Date: 02/1/2011
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JTAG: New Software Gets Budget Hardware
USB controller for JTAG Live.
Eindhoven, Netherlands — JTAG Live is being called a "breakthrough" product for design engineers for debugging boards that are too crowded for traditional probing. JTAG Live enables sensing signal levels on prototype PCBs, while verifying proper continuity between pins or groups of pins, and checking basic operation.

JTAG Live is for electronics engineers and technicians to use in checking PCBs for basic continuity and correct operation. The family consists of three products, Buzz, Clip, and Script. Existing test equipment can be used, since the product is compatible with programming cables from Altera and Xilinx, as well as with the two-port USB Explorer from JTAG Technologies.

Buzz provides the ability to quickly check connections (direct and indirect) between devices supporting boundary-scan; Clip offers ways to verify cluster logic using vector-based cluster tests; and Script enables users to adopt a functional, device-oriented test approach to take control of a design through on-board JTAG/boundary-scan compliant devices.

The new software suite provides easy downloading and ease of use; it overcomes limited access to device pins; works without a net list; supports up to two chains; verifies scan chain infrastructure; samples logic level on any scan pin; confirms continuity between pins; handles multiple drivers and multiple receivers; provides compatibility with industry-standard JTAG cables.

After launching the boundary-scan utility tools, the company has further bolstered the hardware interface support by introducing the JTAG Live USB Controller; a single TAP, IEEE Std. 1149.1 boundary-scan controller.

While the software suite already supports the use of the JTAG cables from Xilinx and Altera, as well as the company's own established range of IEEE 1149.x controllers, JTAG Live users have been requesting a dedicated, low-cost, connection system that works "out of the box" with the software suite.

The JTAG Live USB Controller is PC-powered and provides a single test access port in the company's standard pin-out. It offers a maximum programmable TCK speed of 6MHz and also features programmable output voltages and input thresholds.

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