Monday, June 25, 2018

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Glenbrook LabScope: Highly Detailed In-Vivo Images
Compact LabScope provides orthopaedic researchers with magnified high-resolution fluoroscopy images.
Randolph, NJ — When researchers at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan needed to look inside a rat's knee to observe the reconstruction and healing process of a new surgical procedure, they came to Glenbrook Technologies in Randolph, NJ to use the LabScope, the company's patented magnification fluoroscopy technology.

LabScope technology displays anatomical details in high resolution — up to 15 line pairs per millimeter — and up to 25X magnification, using low-dose radiation that requires minimal operator protection. The compact, low-cost system displayed the rat's patella in highly detailed still images and motion studies that were saved to memory for future reference.

Subsequently, Glenbrook loaned a LabScope to HSS for the staff to use to complete its research studies. Since then, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta has purchased two LabScopes. The potential orthopaedic research applications of the system cover a wide variety of small animal imaging studies

Contact: Glenbrook Technologies, 11 Emery Avenue, Randolph, NJ 07869 973-361-8866 fax: 973-361-9286 Web:

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