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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Cobar Intros High Performance Fluxes
High-performance solder fluxes.
Breda, Netherlands — The Balver Zinn Group's Cobar Europe BV is showing a complete new range of high-performance low-VOC and VOC-free fluxes. Top of the list is Cobar 95-DRX+, a new low-VOC flux that offers the best of both worlds. The flux is based on a water/solvent combination and offers improved soldering performance as well as wicking characteristics that approach a solvent-based system, resulting in perfect hole filling.

Cobar 396-DRX+, another new VOC-free flux, is RoHS-compliant and fulfills the need for more environmentally-friendly materials, maintaining excellent soldering performance. It is halide- and halogen-free and is based on a water carrying system that provides advantages in transportation and storage conditions and eliminates fire risks. Operators also will appreciate that this flux provides an odorless flux solution.

These thermally stable Cobar fluxes offer a wide process window with topside preheat temperatures up to 150°C. Due to the strong thermal resistance, these fluxes can be used in a broad range of applications, such as high thermal mass and heavy multi-layer products that require extended and higher soldering conditions. According to the company, the Cobar 396-DRX+ and 95-DRX+ activation systems eliminate bridging and provide excellent through-hole filling for lead-free as well as leaded applications.

In addition to these fluxes, new stronger versions called Cobar 396-DRX-M+ and Cobar 95-DRX-M+ also are available. These fluxes are said to provide excellent soldering performance in the toughest applications, leaving no visible residues.

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