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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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New Creform Z Container Carts
Nesting carts hold totes and bins.
Greer, SC — Creform Corporation has introduced a new concept in carts for in-plant handling of totes and parts containers. The carts can be built to hold just about any size tote or container while ergonomically presenting their contents well off the floor at a comfortable picking height. Containers are easily moved from workstation to workstation within a cell.

The unusual "Z" design allows empty carts to be nested,

significantly reducing required storage space when they are not in use. They are well suited for most manufacturing and assembly operations as well as food processing, clean room and medical applications.

The carts are built using the company's system of pipes, joints and accessories. Creform JG-11A plastic joints form the upper corners of the carts and provide a retaining lip to hold containers securely in place. For cart assembly, plastic joints provide a lower cost option when compared to metal joints, but do not have the flexibility to modify structures. However, plastic joints are necessary for clean operations that require wash down. Plastic joints are glued to plastic-coated steel pipes using a special adhesive to form a permanent structure.

Carts built using the metal joints provide the flexibility of making height and container size adjustments as in-plant needs change.

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