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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Low Profile Encoders from Heidenhain
Low-profile encoder.
Schaumburg, IL — Heidenhain Corporation has introduced new low-profile incremental rotary encoders with block commutation tracks, especially suitable for use in small-dimensioned servo motors. These new rotary encoders in the company's 1000 and 1100 series come equipped with an industry-standard 35mm housing diameter, and reportedly offer high quality speed control at competitive prices.

The new encoders distinguish themselves not only by their short overall length but also by their cutting-edge opto-ASIC based photoelectric scanning with integrated interpolation. Because of their electrical output at TTL levels with differential signals, these encoders can be connected to almost all standard subsequent electronics for control of digitally controlled servo motors — up to edge lengths of 40 and 55mm — and are useful in various applications in the automation industry.

As an example, the 1023 encoder has an overall length of 35.2mm max and an IP 64 rating, making it especially useful in hazardous environments; the company's 1123 encoder has an overall length of 30.3mm max and an IP 0 for general use.

Both encoders have mounted stator couplings and blind hollow shafts. Choice of appropriate commutation signals is available — the amount depending on the number of poles of the motor to be controlled.

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