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Publication Date: 04/1/2011
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Norwood/Kingsley Intros Hot Stamp Wire Marking Printer
Wire marker hot-stamps up to 28 characters.
Downers Grove, IL — Norwood/Kingsley has introduced the KIP-FL Hot Stamp Printer for marking cables or wires with connectors or terminated ends. According to the company, it is the world's first hot stamp printer for marking directly on insulated cables or wires that have connectors or terminated ends. The new front-loading KIP-FL eliminates the need to print and apply adhesive labels or heat shrink tubing to mark cables or wires with connectors or terminated ends.

Compared to labels and tubing, marking directly on cables and wire reduces labor costs and production time, eliminates peripheral materials and results in a cleaner appearance.

Made with similar components as the company's popular field-proven side-loading inline KIP-20, the new front-loading offline KIP-FL is a robust, low maintenance printer. The new KIP-FL prints one line horizontally or vertically along insulated wire or cable including Teflon, PVC, Tefzel, Kapton and other materials. It accommodates wire and cable sizes from 0.25 to 0.75-in. (6.35 to 19mm) in diameter.

Designed for wire harness manufacturers needing to rework existing assemblies, the machine is also suitable for manufacturers of new assemblies that include connectors or terminated ends. It is suitable for automotive, motorcycle and aviation cables or wires as well as a wide range of other products such as fishing line. The marking machine utilizes full-size, 40-character typewheels. Up to 28 typewheels can be mounted on the printer. Accessories are interchangeable with the KIP-20 and other Kingsley wheeled printers. Offering benchtop operation and foot-pedal activation, the semi-automatic, intermittent-motion KIP-FL is easy to use. Simply insert the wire or cable into the front of the printer, push the foot pedal to activate the hot stamp printing operation, then remove the wire or cable. A quick-change fixture system minimizes set-up time and maximizes printing speed.

Contact: Norwood Marking Systems, 2538 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515 800-626-3464 or 630-968-0646 fax: 630-968-7672 E-mail: Web:

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