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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Universal: Feeder for High-Speed Bare Die Manufacturing
Innova feeder for bare-die handling operations.
Conklin, NY — Universal Instruments has introduced the Innova and Innova+ direct die feeders. This new technology reportedly enables the presentation of wafer-level devices to the company's GenesisSC Platform without incurring costly packaging charges.

The company's Advanced Semiconductor Solutions are built upon the high-accuracy GenesisSC (semiconductor) Platform — a. uniquely flexible solution that incorporates advanced technologies and peripherals that extend equipment capabilities into next-generation assembly.

The Innova and Innova+ direct die feeders are described as the world's first and only totally portable high-speed direct die feeders. Their use gives GenesisSC the ability to assemble a complete module on a single machine, placing die and passives precisely and seamlessly.

According to the company, these semiconductor solutions offer a uniquely cutting-edge and versatile approach to next-generation manufacturing challenges. With flip chip semiconductor devices integrated into Bluetooth and WiFi, Automotive Hybrids, Security and a host of other devices, the combination of a high-volume, flexible placement system and Innova wafer-level feeders provides an efficient, profitable flip chip and/or System-in-Package (SiP) assembly solution.

The Innova family allows for the installation of multiple feeders on a single placement machine with minimum feeder slot consumption. Alternate feeder functionality allows for continuous running of like part numbers on multiple feeders. Innova offers true flexibility by presenting a wide variety of flip chips or circuit-up devices with easy relocation and simple changeovers as demands change. The Innova feeder processes wafers of various sizes up to 300mm. Innova+ processes up to 13 300mm wafers with on-board expansion capabilities. Further, the Innova family incorporates state-of-the-art, on-board vision processing; wafer map input or ink dot identification; bar code identification and tracking of wafers; and parallel processing for optimum

throughput. GenesisSC and Innova deliver a comprehensive solution of high reliability, high speed, and superior flexibility. The ability to adapt across a wide range of applications allows for a fast, effective transition to new technologies and products to help get them to market faster, reduce operating costs, and enjoy long-term asset protection. These solutions include not only best-in-class equipment, but also proven in-depth process knowledge, application expertise, and integration experience to ensure the highest yield and reliability at the lowest possible cost.
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