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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Aerotech: High Performance Linear Actuator
High performance, cost-effective linear actuator.
Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech's ACT is a high performance, cost-effective linear-servomotor-driven actuator that is faster and more accurate than a ball screw or belt-drive, without the costly, time-consuming maintenance that ball screw or belt drives require. Because the ACT is an integrated, assembled mechanical system, it also eliminates the design complexity and guesswork normally required for choosing and assembling individual components.

The ACT is especially suitable for applications including assembly, pick-and-place machines, electronic assembly and qualification, packaging, automated vision inspection, dispensing, life sciences, image scanning and processing, and inkjet printing.

The actuator's travel ranges from 100mm to 1.5m, and maximum continuous force output is up to 270.7 N.

Maintenance free, direct drive, zero-cogging motor and noncontact optical linear encoder

The unit uses a high-power, cog-free linear motor drive providing accelerations of 5g and a top speed of 5m/s, providing the appropriate solution to increase throughput. According to the company, the stiff mechanical structure gives excellent dynamic performance and reduces settling times. The non-magnetic forcer coil provides high force with zero cogging for smooth velocity and position control, and is suitable for applications requiring outstanding contour accuracy and smooth velocity profiling. The linear motor has zero backlash, no windup, zero friction, and outstanding system responsiveness, and the magnetic field is totally self-contained within the U-channel design — thus making it appropriate for many high-performance applications that cannot tolerate the stray magnetic fields generated by flat motor magnet tracks.

Noncontact linear optical encoders with micron-level repeatabilities are standard on all ACT series actuators. Either a line-driver output or amplified sine-wave output encoder is available for maximum flexibility. Optional factory calibration further increases standard accuracy and repeatability.

Contact: Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238 412-963-7470 fax: 412-963-7459 Web:

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