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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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Premo: EMC Filters for PV Inverters
EMC filter.
Barcelona, Spain — Premo has launched a new EMC filter for PV installations, called the FEDC series, which allows EMC standards compliance for entire PV systems, preventing premature panel aging and reducing installation volume.

Installed between the PV inverter and the solar panel, DC filters help to meet EMC directives. The FEDC Series filters have been designed to reduce conducted emissions towards the solar panel, to reduce EMI radiation from the solar panel, allowing for a longer solar panel lifetime. Taken together, this type of installation increases service life.

The DC filters in PV installations help increase solar panel reliability, increase immunity in the inverter control phase, avoiding any electromagnetic interference problems.

By using these filters, overall installation volume is reduced when compared to other existing solutions. The FEDC Series is available with ratings from 25 to 1500ADC, without terminals up to 150ADC and screw connections up to 1500ADC. Maximum operational voltage is 1200VDC. Moreover, they are available without filter capacitors to ground. The company also designs and manufactures upon customized filters to meet any special requirements.

The FEDC DC EMC filter meets EN60939, UL1283 EMC requirements and is RoHS-compliant. Main applications are in PV installations, and they can also be used in applications where primary energy source is DC, such as fuel cells and batteries.

Contact: Grupo Premo C/, Conchita Supervia, 13, 08028 Barcelona, Spain +34 934 098 980 fax: +34 934 906 682 E-mail:

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