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Publication Date: 05/1/2011
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UEI Intros Timing & Sync Boards
Timing and sync boards.
Walpole, MA — United Electronic Industries (UEI) has introduced the DNA- and DNR-IRIG-650 Timing Generation and Synchronization Boards. These boards are general purpose IRIG-B timing interfaces for systems designed around the company's popular PowerDNA Cubes and RACKtangle Chassis. The boards may be used to capture IRIG-B timing data when the IOM is slaved to an external master timing device and may also be configured as a master time keeper for the entire system.

Accuracy is said to be 1PPM with stability of 1PPM per year over a temperature range of 0 to 50°C.

The IRIG-650 boards provide inputs for standard analog, modulated IRIG-B signals as well as non-modulated DC inputs. The boards also allow a user to use an external 10MHz master clock and/or a 1PPS synchronization pulse. A generic digital input may be used to capture event timing directly. When used in systems with multiple Cubes or RACKs, synchronization can be provided either by multiple IRIG-650s (one per chassis) or by using a single IRIG-650 and the UEI standard multi-layer sync interface.

The timing/sync boards can be directly connected to the company's GPS interface board, providing power to the GPS unit and a 1PPS UTC sync pulse. Available as an option is a convenient multi-cable assembly that provides 4 BNC-terminated cables (IRIG IN, IRIG OUT, GPS IN, GPS OUT) and a 15-pin DB-15 connector in a single assembly for various IRIG, clock, and trigger signals.

The DNA version of the board is designed for mounting in any of the company's popular 3- or 6-slot PowerDNA UEIPAC, UEISIM, and UEIModbus "Cubes". The DNR version is designed for use with the 6- or 12-slot rack-mounted HalfRACK and RACKtangle chassis.

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