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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Juki's Ups Speed with New High-Speed Modular Mounter
High-speed modular mounter.
Morrisville, NC — Juki Automation Systems, Inc. has released the FX-3R High-speed Modular Mounter. The newest model in the series, the FX-3R has significantly higher production capacity than its predecessor, the FX-3. Design improvements to both hardware and software give the FX-3R a production capacity of 90,000 CPH (0.040 second/chip under optimal conditions).

The new machine is equipped with new linear servomotors in the X and Y axes to drive the heads. In addition, by reducing the weight of the head and updating the head design with a more rigid structure, placement speed is made even faster. Improvements also have been made in the optimization software to increase the efficiency of actual placement operation.

The machine's new operating speed is reportedly 21 percent faster than the FX-3. Supporting large boards up to 610 x 560mm (XL board specification) as a standard feature, the FX-3R offers an optional feature to produce a long board up to 800mm wide, mainly used for LED lighting.

FX-3R inherits the hybrid tape feeder feature, which first appeared in the previous model FX-3. This feature allows FX-3R to accept both electric and mechanical tape feeders in one machine. With a combination of the KE-3020 high-speed flex mounter, FX-3R creates a high-speed, high-quality production line capable of meeting a variety of manufacturing needs.

Contact: Juki Automation Systems, Inc., 507 Airport Blvd., Morrisville, NC 27560 919-460-0111 Web:

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