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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Testronics: Upgraded Backplane Test System
Model 402 backplane test system.
Richardson, TX — Testronics has added top-side probing to its Model 402LV Backplane Test System.

In the past, the quantity of top side test points represented a small percentage of the overall backplane's test point count. However, today's larger, denser backplanes utilize many more topside test points than ever before. The company has therefore introduced a Top Side Access grid option to the model 402LV, its latest generation backplane test system. By using a Top Side Access grid, the need for fixture top side transfer pins is eliminated, thereby reducing the price of complex fixtures by 10 to 20 percent. A Top Side Access grid is nothing new to the company as its first high pin count test system was built in 1985 and had 49k test points. The model 402LV's hardware and software architecture provides for a total of 65,536 test points, (each with 6 wire guarding, 4 wire Kelvin, and analog ICT). The switch matrix pin cards plug directly onto the back of the top side spring probes, thereby eliminating any cables, providing superior reliability and measurement performance as well as accuracy.

The test system's press still retracts, maintaining the company's proven design, used successfully for 16 years testing millions of backplanes. By retracting the press, different fixtures are easily changed out, while grid maintenance and repair can be accomplished in seconds because of the open access.

Users who currently have a Testronics model 401 can still use existing fixtures and test programs, since the 402 is 100 percent compatible, and no adapters are needed. Adapters are very costly and add an extra spring probe contact per test point, thereby increasing the chance for intermittent probe contact and unrepeatable test. Even though the 402LV can be configured to any test point count, up to 65,536 points, there are numerous typical configurations. These include: 20k points bottom grid, 31k points bottom grid, 41k points bottom grid, 20k points bottom grid and 12k points top side grid, 31k points bottom grid and 12k points top side grid, 31k points bottom grid and 24k points top side grid, 41k points bottom grid and 24k points top side grid.

As user test requirements change, the test point count can easily be increased on-site. This does not involve any long down time, or shipping the system back to Testronics. A company technician will travel to the user facility with the upgrade kit and within just a short amount of time, the test system will be back in production but with a larger test point capability.

Contact: Testronics, 903 N. Bowser Road, Suite 300, Richardson, TX 75081 927-542-3111 fax: 972-542-2131 E-mail: Web:

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