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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Datakey Intros Ruggedized Portable Memory
Ruggedized data key.
Savage, MN — New from Datakey Electronics is the RUGGEDrive line of portable memory solutions, offering the data storage and transfer capabilities of consumer-grade USB flash drives and SD cards in a more reliable and secure package. The special form factor and rugged design of the new product line provide embedded system designers with a base level of security and reliable harsh-environment operation that consumer memory products fail to deliver.

RUGGEDrive memory tokens are constructed using a solid over-molding process. A rugged, composite plastic protects internal components and allows use in harsh environments. Unlike consumer memory products, these tokens can withstand conditions typical in demanding military, industrial, commercial and medical settings, such as extreme temperatures, rough use, sterilization, chemical exposure, static electricity, dust, dirt, moisture, shock and vibration. The use of industry-standard protocols (USB 2.0, SDHC/SPI) allows the RUGGEDrive memory tokens to be easily integrated into embedded controllers, single board computers and industrial PCs.

The new memory tokens only interface with Datakey Electronics mating receptacles, which provides a base level of security and helps overcome the drawbacks of USB flash drive and SD card connectors. The unique, physical connection between the receptacle and token ensures that data on tokens cannot be readily transferred to unauthorized PCs that lack RUGGEDrive receptacles. In addition, the receptacles help to protect embedded devices from viruses and other malicious files, since consumer memory devices have no place to plug in. The receptacles are rated for 50,000 cycles and can withstand use in harsh environments, whereas most consumer-grade USB and SD connectors are only rated for 1,500 and 10,000 cycles, respectively, and are not intended for harsh-environment operation.

The RUGGEDrive line is comprised of two families of memory devices. The UFX memory token provides USB flash drive functionality, and the DFX memory token provides SD card functionality. Both tokens come standard with 4GB of non-volatile memory, with larger capacities (up to 32GB) available.

RUGGEDrive receptacles have multiple mounting options, including through-hole, surface-mount and panel-mount versions. Panel-mount receptacles are available in IP65 (splash-proof), IP67 (immersion) and EMI reduction versions are available to meet the needs of harsh environment applications.

Contact: Datakey Electronics, Inc., 12730 Creek View Avenue, Savage, MN 55378-2618 800-328-8828 or 952-746-4066 fax: 866-289-4212 or 952-746-4061 E-mail: Web:

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