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Publication Date: 06/1/2011
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Schaefer: 3KVA Rackmount Inverter
3KVA rackmount inverter.
Ashland, MA — Schaefer's AEP-A3000R Series of highly efficient, pure sign wave inverters provide 3kVA of power in a compact 1U rack design and they are available in standard input configurations of 24VDC and 48VDC. Outputs are regulated to ±3 percent or better. A built-in, 4-6ms automatic bypass switch allows for redundant operation from utility power if the DC supply drops out. In UPS mode, the AC input is not needed for standard inverter operation.

All models in the series have comprehensive protection circuitry and a front-panel digital display which indicates low/high input voltage, over-temperature, and overload conditions. The display also indicates volts, amps, watts and temperature. Efficiency ranges from 87 to 90 percent. Class B EMI compliance minimizes interference with other sensitive equipment.

An optional SNMP Ethernet interface provides for IP network management of the AEP-A3000R.

The AEP-A3000R design is rugged, reliable, and suitable for worldwide industrial use in mobile, military or marine applications. The slim case fits easily into 1U racks.

The company's full family of pure sine wave inverters also includes standalone modules starting at 700W of power, and higher power rack designs that include a UPS.

Modifications of standard units are available. In addition, the company can design and manufacture fully custom solutions.

Contact: Schaefer, Inc., 200 Butterfield Dr., Ashland, MA 01721 508-881-7330 fax: 508-231-0861 E-mail: Web:

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