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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Underfilling 3D Stacked PoP Devices

Industry trends are driving mobile electronics, such as cell phones, to smaller form factors. This trend is a driver for 3D packaging such as stacked package-on-package (PoP) devices. These mobile products are expected to work even after being dropped. To provide robustness, underfill ...Read More
Maximizing Efficiency of Silicon Solar Cells

Silicon solar cells are one of the most widely used and highly efficient photovoltaics. With growing competition from second and third generation photovoltaics and decreasing module prices, there is an increasing demand for improving efficiency and decreasing the cost of silicon solar ...
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Keep Your Cleaning Processes Separated

The shift toward high-reliability applications has put increasing demands on cleaning processes to ensure that the high-reliability remains after the product leaves the assembly facility. One of the main factors is that up until now, traditional production lines have largely relied ...
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Prototyping with Multi-Layer Boards

In spite of many areas where PTH designs can still do the job, electronic components continue to move relentlessly into SMT packages. Prototype manufacturing firms are increasingly seeing a shift in the fabrication and assembly work needed to implement engineering prototypes. The shift ...Read More
Upping Performance with Through Silicon Vias

Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) have been at the center of discussions of 3D integration in recent years, and are now beginning to appear in production. The concept, though, is not new. William Shockley, one of the inventors of the transistor, described and patented TSVs (without calling ...Read More
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