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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Nordson Honors James W. Schmitkons for 30 Years of Innovation
Westlake, OH — Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) has inducted James W. Schmitkons into its Distinguished Fellowship of Inventors, an elite honor recognizing the role of innovation in the company's success and previously bestowed on only six other individuals in the company's history.

Schmitkons retired in 2009 after a 30-year career in Nordson's research and development group and its industrial UV curing business. He earned 28 U.S. patents covering many commercially successful products in the company's adhesive dispensing and UV curing product lines. Many of his inventions continue to be an important part of Nordson?s product portfolio today including the FoamMelt adhesive dispenser and the Coolwave UV lamp head. Schmitkons holds Master's and Bachelor's degrees in engineering from the University of Wisconsin and Le Tourneau College respectively. In addition to his engineering excellence, he is remembered by colleagues for his tenacity in problem-solving, calmness under pressure, and mentoring of others.

Membership in Nordson's Distinguished Fellowship of Inventors in an honor given to an individual inventor who has made important contributions to the company's patented technology resulting in commercially successful products. The other six members of the Fellowship include: Eric Nord, a co-founder of Nordson Corporation; Sam Rosen and Don Hastings, who made significant advances in electrostatic spray gun technology in Nordson's early years; Al Rood, who put Nordson at the forefront of airless spray technology; Dr. Walter Cobbs, Nordson's first head of research and development; and Gerald Crum, whose inventions established Nordson's powder coating business.

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