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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Heidenhain: RSF Open Linear Encoder
Open linear encoder.
Tarsdorf, Austria — A new open linear encoder (no housing on scale) equipped with a unique integrated mounting control is now available from RSF. Called the MS 25, this RSF encoder utilizes a tricolored LED directly at the reading head enabling the user to gage if the mounting and subsequent measurement readings are optimal. It is available in North America through parent company Heidenhain Corporation. Common applications for open linear encoders are stages for medical and semiconductor machines, as well as miscellaneous metrology applications.

Open, non-contact linear encoders are increasingly being used in measurement applications that require higher traversing speeds and operating cycles, as well as lower mechanical backlash and zero frictional force induced by an encoder. The RSF MS 25 linear encoder fits this bill and offers permanent control of the scanning signals over the whole measuring length. The use of the tricolored LED allows for easy mounting since no test box or oscilloscope is needed, and is helpful for quick troubleshooting during operation. The encoder utilizes a special single-field scanning principle which allows for high traversing speeds (up to 10 m/s), large mounting tolerances and insensitivity to contamination on the scale. Integrated into the head of the encoder is a wide range of interpolation electronics enabling resolutions from 10µm to 100nm. Two end-of-travel optical switch signals are also available directly out of the reader head. The end-travel signal locations can be easily set by the user.

The user can also choose from six mounting configurations for the graduation, as well as from various substrate options for the tape and carrier. And due to recent advancements in technology, all of these benefits are now available in a small package design.

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