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Publication Date: 07/1/2011
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Cal Sensors Intros Position Sensors
Position sensing board and detector.
Santa Rosa, CA — Cal Sensors, an ITW company, has developed custom lead selenide (PbSe) multi-channel infrared position detection technology with sensitivity of 1.5 x 1010 Jones in the 1 to 5µm wavelength region.

With excellent sensitivity and response time, the PbSe position detectors can quickly identify and track the location of infrared sources. The multi-channel format further allows the technology to zoom in on hot spots or other infrared emissions. This makes the infrared position detectors especially suitable for a wide range of applications including weapons targeting, security and defense countermeasures as well as hot spot detection for fire fighting. The position sensing detectors are compact in size, making them suitable for portable or concealed applications where size is a key concern.

The company provides expert design support to create position detection solutions for optimal performance in each application. The detectors can be arranged in a coplanar format or made to face each of the four directions with a slanted orientation to provide both directional and height input for complete 360° analysis across two dimensions. Integrated software provides real-time streaming data on target position relative to detector location.

The company's emitters support steady-state or high-pulse rates over the visible to mid-infrared spectrums. Offering high emissivity, reliability and lifetime, these emitters are designed to optimize performance in infrared detection systems.

Contact: Cal Sensors, 5460 Skylane Blvd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403 707-303-3837 fax: 707-545-5113 E-mail: Web:

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