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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Essemtec Provides High-Res SPI Inspection
Optical inspection system.
Aesch, Switzerland — Traqu is a high-resolution digital 3-D inspection device from Essemtec used for 3-D measurement and analysis in processes such as solder paste inspection (SPI). Measurement tasks are programmed with a few mouse clicks, and DXF and Gerber data can be imported.

Traqu is not a traditional AOI but rather a 3-D inspection system for process optimization, monitoring and sample control. The infrared-interferometric sensor scans any 3-D structure, independent of material and surface. Depending on installed lenses, vertical resolution from 2-200nm and a horizontal resolution from 1-20µm can be achieved.

Applications in electronics production include SPI and quality assurance for stencil printers. Solar cell manufacturers can measure the cross section of bars and fingers. LED manufacturers can measure the form and volume of dispensed lenses. Traqu can analyze any 3-D surface as well as measure coating thickness.

Programming and analysis are simplified by Traqu software which will either import the substrate layout from DXF or Gerber data or can be "taught" manually. The scan area is marked by drawing a box around it with the mouse. For PCB inspection, the software can be set to automatically scan all packages of the same type.

The type of analysis, measurement, calculation and result display are stored for later reuse. The area of inspection covers up to 300 x 400mm.

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