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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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GE Intros Hi Mag X-Ray Inspection Solution
Compact system for high resolution X-ray inspection.
Wunstorf, Germany — The new phoenix x|aminer from GE's Inspection Technologies is a 5-axis, microfocus X-ray inspection system, which has been developed for quality control applications in the manufacture of electronics sub-assemblies. It is especially suitable for the reliable and accurate inspection of soldered joints.

The inspection system provides two-megapixel high resolution and high magnification. In addition, its powerful imaging software permits intuitive programming, and component manipulation is precise and easy using a computer mouse or joystick.

An important design feature of the new system is its ovhm (oblique view high magnification) module, which allows an oblique angle view of up to 70° as well as a total magnification of up to >23,000X. This provides the best possible defect information in the vertical direction. Ease of maintenance is also permitted with the system's open, 160kV microfocus tube design, whose easy cathode replacement ensures unlimited operating life, while its 20W of tube power at target can penetrate even the most difficult radiation-absorbing components.

The new x|aminer is supplied with the recently launched phoenix x|act software, which is designed specifically for electronics inspection. Its simple macro recording permits intuitive programming of inspection tasks in terms of position and image parameters, with all display settings saved with just one mouse click.

Automatically created sample maps can be used for all pcbs of the same type anywhere in the system, even when rotated and flipped, and automatic image enhancement improves live images to ensure greater probability of defect detection.

Contact: phoenix|x-ray, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH, Niels-Bohr-Str. 7, D-31515 Wunstorf, Germany +49 5031 172-0 E-mail:

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