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Publication Date: 08/1/2011
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Microscan Intros 3 Machine Vision Innovations
New cameras and software.
Renton, WA — Microscan is introducing the AutoVISION family of machine vision products, a product line that includes the Vision HAWK and Vision MINI smart cameras, as well as the new AutoVISION machine vision software interface. The technology aims to simplify the setup and deployment of machine vision applications, while providing a powerful tool set for reliable, high performance inspection and identification.

The new software was developed to shorten the learning curve often associated with machine vision software, while providing a complete vision tool set. Real-time feedback during programming and device configuration helps time-crunched engineers to implement their vision applications with a minimum of effort. AutoVISION is available on the company's Vision MINI and Vision HAWK hardware platforms.

The Vision HAWK and Vision MINI smart cameras have compact, fully-integrated housings for easy integration into the production process, and can be operated by either the intuitive AutoVISION interface or the more advanced Visionscape? platform. This scalable format allows users to set up jobs in AutoVISION and later migrate to Visionscape® if the application grows in complexity, saving both time and money. Manufacturers can improve efficiency and reduce defects by performing a wide range of applications, including part identification and location, item traceability, and other automated inspection tasks.

Described as the world's smallest vision system, the Vision MINI is designed to provide reliable performance in embedded identification and inspection applications. With fully integrated lighting and autofocus lens, its small form factor of 1.80 x 2.10 x 1.00-in. (45.7 x 53.3 x 25.4mm) allows for flexible positioning in tight spaces. The Vision MINI has wide-angle optics for close range machine vision tasks such as component ID, color matching, data matrix reading, and part location.

The Vision HAWK is a flexible, industrial smart camera suitable for a wide range of inspection applications, including assembly verification, part identification, symbol decoding, and more. It is designed for easy setup and operation, with cutting-edge liquid lens technology for unlimited autofocus. It includes integrated optics and lighting, industrial protocols, and plug-and-play connectivity. Like the Vision MINI, it can be operated with the company's simplified AutoVISION interface or the advanced Visionscape software for more complex applications.

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